Improve Your Sales with a Consumer List

Getting great sales is any business’ dream. Of course, it entails an effective sales strategy that would grab the attention of customers and prospect. Now, if the promoters lack a good idea of the quirks and needs of their prospective market, then it would only result to poor sales. To prevent this, companies have become increasingly reliant on consumer list database providers to give them a better picture of their customer base. Based on the calling list provided, professional telemarketers are able to more effectively penetrate the market compared to not having any idea of their prospects at all. A good and reliable consumer list database can go a long way in helping a firm improve their sales potentials. Telemarketers also appreciate the simplicity and power of such source of information in their work. Information is king, so to speak. The company with the most accurate information, and using it effectively, are the most likely people to succeed. That’s why companies, over the years, have continuously made efforts to improve their information gathering system. For large firms, this means that long, costly, and exhaustive campaigns are conducted, exploring their markets, discovering patterns, and then categorizing them. For small and medium sized companies, this is an activity that they cannot afford. Luckily, they have a way to solve that. All they have to do is buy a consumer list from a reliable provider. A good list, when properly handled, are often successfully converted into a sale, or better yet, a closed deal.

Companies large and small understand the power such a consumer list possesses in boosting sales. Of course, the industry that pretty much knows its importance (and necessity) would be telemarketing services. And why not? The companies involved here all know that they need a good calling list in order to make good calls. There are more than enough stories featuring questionable lists that jeopardize an entire telemarketing campaign. One of the biggest fears that telemarketers hate to face is accidentally calling people listed in the national Do Not Call registry. The legal actions that those listed people might raise, plus the backing of the federal government, is more than enough to end an otherwise successful telemarketing campaign. A good-quality calling list prevents that from happening. The worst that can occur would be phones being slammed on telemarketers. Well, that’s part of the job, it happens. It can’t be helped if people think of telemarketers badly, and that a consumer list could actually cause nuisance to others. Although there’s truth in the belief that telemarketing services are nothing more than a pain in the neck, it’s because of the unfair practices conducted by unethical agents, who would use questionable and underhanded tactics in order to produce results. It’s just a good thing that efforts of telemarketing firms to clean up their racks are reducing the number of unwanted calls. The work may be far from over, but the results are being seen now. What remains is the future, but that seems to be stable now. Who knows, that positive outcome can be seen in the near future already. That’d be something. Personally, using a consumer list can simplify the job of many businesses. It can greatly help in improving the performance of telemarketers, and enable them to maximize their potentials. It’s good news for many struggling businesses. Sales volume is their lifeblood. If there is any way to increase them, then they should use it. Telemarketing is one of the best ways. Simple, yet effective, it can bring out the best of firms. It may be the answer to what these businesses, like yours, are looking for.

The Secret To Selling To Different Personalities

Let’s face it. We all have those difficult customers to whom we are required to sell. From the demanding, abrasive buyer to the individual who never seems to make a buying decision, we encounter challenging people on a regular basis. Part of the reason this happens is due to the disconnection we have because of conflicting personalities.

This article will look at the four key types of people and how to improve your results with each.

Direct Donna. Donna is very direct in her approach. She tends to be forceful and always wants to dominate or control the sales call. Her behavior is aggressive, she points at you while she talks, interrupts you to challenge you, and she seldom cares about hearing the details of your new product or service. Instead, she demands that you “cut to the chase” and “tell me the bottom line.” Donna is very results-focused and goal-oriented and hates wasting time.

To achieve the best sales results with this individual you need to be more direct and assertive. Tell her at the beginning of the sales call or meeting that you know how busy she is and how valuable her time is. Tell her that you will “get right to the point” and focus your conversation on the results she will achieve by using you product or service. Resist the temptation to back down if she confronts you because you will lose her respect. To Donna, it is not personal, it’s just business.

Lastly, be direct in asking for her business-you don’t have to dance around this issue.

Talkative Tim. Tim is a gregarious and outgoing person but very ego-centric. He is often late for your meetings and his constant interruptions and long stories cause your sales calls to go beyond the scheduled time. He appears to be more concerned with listening to himself talk which is frustrating because you don’t always get enough time to discuss your solution.

Relationships are very important to Talkative Tim so invest more time in social conversation. Even if you don’t see the point in this, he will appreciate the gesture and will like you more. This person often makes buying decisions on intuition and how he feels about the sales person.

Be careful not to challenge Tim because he will feel rejected and when this happens he will “shut down” and become unresponsive. During your sales presentation, tell him how good your solution will make him look to others in the company or how his status or image will improve. In other words, appeal to his ego.

Steady Eddie. Soft-spoken, Eddie is a “nice” fellow who seems more focused on his team and coworkers than on his personal results. He is very quiet compared to some of your other prospects and can be difficult to read. But most frustrating is his reluctance to make a buying decision. Eddie’s mantra seems to be “I’m still thinking about but thanks for following up.”

Structure and security is important to these people and it is difficult for Eddie to make changes. He often contemplates how the decision will affect other people within the organization. That means you need to slow down the sales process, demonstrate how your solution will benefit the team, and remove as much risk from the decision-making process as possible. Soften your voice and make sure your sales presentation flows in a logical manner. Use words like “fair” “logical” and “your team” in your presentation.

Analytical Alice. She reads every point and specification about your product or service and regardless of how much information you give Alice, she always wants more, including written guarantees and back up documentation. She is very difficult to read and it is extremely difficult to get her engaged in an open conversation because personal feelings and emotions do not enter the picture when Alice makes a decision.

Whenever possible, give Alice a written, bullet-point agenda of your meeting-beforehand. Ideally, email it to her a few days in advance so she can prepare herself. Make sure it is completely free of typos, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. When you meet, follow the agenda in perfect order and if you make any type of claim, have supporting documentation available for her to read.

While the approach to use with each of these people may not make sense to you or seem completely rational, it is critical to recognize that how you naturally and instinctively sell may not be the best way to get results with someone else. Modifying your approach and style, even briefly, will help you better connect with your customers and prospects which means you will generate better sales.

What’s really cool about this is I’m connected to a system that does most of this for you in the sifting & sorting process.

Buying Your First Franchise

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs have saved enough money and are still in search of some guidance when it comes to entering the small business arena. Always be on the lookout for buying a franchise opportunity that is not seasonal but can still rake in the cash for you.

1. Budget Everything
First and foremost, you need to have a budget. Having a set budget will enable you to think of how much money you can actually spend on your franchise. It is best to be in touch with reality here since buying a franchise, as compared to just starting a small business from scratch, is not only risky but comparatively costly as well. So you need to be fully aware of what you are putting your money into and if it is truly worth all that trouble.

2. Choose Wisely
This brings us to the next highly important thing that you need to consider when buying a franchise: the countless franchise opportunities out there. Keep in mind that the success rate of buying a franchise is lot higher than just a starting small business. Look for franchise opportunities that are considered hot.

Still you have to think twice (or maybe a million times) before buying a franchise. Not only the ones that are deemed as hot but for any franchise. One day their products might be selling like hotcakes and are considered as a hot commodity but what about after the season or at the end of the year? Are they still hot? Are they still selling? Some franchise opportunities unfortunately fall flat on their faces after they have over saturated the market with their products.

3. Understand The Business
When it comes to finally committing to buying a franchise, the franchisee must fully know and understand the policies of the franchise opportunity that he or she is actually buying. The contract for example, should always be understood well by the franchisee before signing it. Mere coaxing from the company and just mere verbal word play are something that companies use on new entrepreneurs just to make them see it their way which is why when it comes to buying a franchise, entrepreneurs must always proceed with caution.

A good franchise opportunity should be able to provide the franchisee with various benefits and services that the franchisee is entitled to from the moment that he or she signs on to buying a franchise. Such benefits include the franchisor providing the training, marketing, and support needs of the franchisee. Franchisors that do not comply with such benefits should be seen as dubious since they are just merely trying to make some extra profits from the franchisee and are not exactly interested in helping him or herself out in this small business venture.

Before signing the bottom line, consider the following:

1. Proper Training
Most franchisors will actually offer to help your small business to get some added leverage by helping you first establish, run and as well as expand you small business. Buying a franchise clearly has its perks since newly started entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn the ropes from established businesses.

2. Financing
Contrary to popular belief that you must have a lot of money for you to be able o acquire the franchise of your dreams, a lot of franchisors actually provide their franchisees with some highly flexible financing options.

3. Proven Products and Methods
When it comes to buying a franchise, it is highly important that you take not of the ones that are really in-demand and are not seasonal. When it comes to having a franchise as compared to starting your own business out of nothing, you will actually have the confidence at heart that your products and services will sell because it already has a proven market.

4. The Cons
– Fees
Franchisees always face this problem when it comes to buying a franchise. Since franchises are highly expensive, there are usually ongoing payment that the franchisee must pay to the franchisor as a result of the royalty fees as well as the debt service that one must pay for when it comes to buying a franchise.
– Loss of independence
For those who are buying a franchise, you need to be reminded that since you did not come up with this business idea all by yourself, you must always adhere to you franchisors strict rules and regulations when it comes to the upkeep of your franchise. You should be able to adhere to the company?s good image and quality of products and services.

How To Sell Products: A Personal Approach On How To Sell Products Effectively

In the business world, effectively selling products plays a major role in the success of any type of venture. It is the deciding factor for any businesses survival in the industry. Knowing how to effectively sell your products to your potential clients is in itself an art that should be majored. The first step is to have belief in your product and think of the sale as really helping out another person by offering him/her a solution through what you are selling. In other words you should have a passion for what you are selling.

Presenting the benefits that your product would provide rather than the features or specifications of the product is a sure way to grab the attention of your potential clients. Highlighting the issues that the customer can resolve through your product is important. You should always ask your customer questions that indicate a need for your product and point out all reasons on how your product can fulfill these needs. Good communication skills are an essential feature that you should posses. You should be able to logically and rationally eliminate any confusion or doubts in your clients mind through your sales presentation.

Your sales strategies should always be focused into winning the confidence of your customers. In order to dispel most sales destroying factors such as customer indecisiveness, skepticism about the business and confusion, you should always display an attitude that reflects experience, dependability, quality as well as excellent customer service. Pointing out what your customer might lose if he/she doesn?t purchase your product, paying attention and listening to what your customers? requirements are and keeping your buying process quick, fast and easy are some ways in which you would be able to win your customers over.

Maintaining your advertising/marketing and promotional strategies up to date is an important step in placing your business ahead of your competitors. You should always analyze your strategies to identify any loopholes and areas of improvement in order to set yourself apart from others. Also by emphasizing on your credibility you would be able to convince a customer to purchase products from you. In order to build up credibility you can always utilize case studies, product specifications and previous customer referrals. You can also provide after sales service, warranty periods and even money back guarantee over usage within a specific period of time, so as to convince a customer to purchase from you. And finally you should understand when you should stop promoting the product and sell it to the client.

Knowing your product thoroughly and understanding the mindset of your potential clients are important factors in selling products effectively.

How To Design An Effective Cold Calling Script

Do you have an effective cold calling script that makes you feel confident when you pick up the phone? Or are you afraid and feeling like your telephone weighs twenty pounds? A key to building confidence and overcoming the fear of the phone is to have an effective cold calling script.

Although there are more effective ways of reaching prospects, the cold call can still make you money if you have the right script. However, having a cold calling script is not the end all. You need to practice your script over and over until it flows off your tongue. You don’t want to sound like one of those telemarketers reading the words regardless of what you say.

Cold Calling Script Outline

First you should do your homework and find out who the decision maker in the company is and ask for them personally when you call. Address them as Mr. or Ms. and their last name.

Then give them your name and company and thank them for their time and let them know you will be brief.

You should further introduce your self with a short commercial. One sentence that sums up simply and clearly how you can help them solve a problem.

Next ask them a closing question which further shows the benefits of your product or service.

If you get a positive response, close for the appointment.

If you get a no, then you should have another question prepared stating another benefit of your product or service or be direct and if the benefit you are offering important to them?

Also let them know that the appointment they are setting will be brief.

I have many times said to prospects… I need about 10 minutes of your time to show you the benefits of my product or service. At the end of the ten minutes if you believe our product or service is not for you I’ll leave.

Is that fair?

Be prepared with answers to their objections ahead of time. You know what they are so be ready with answers.

Sample Cold Calling Script

Good morning Mr. James, My name is Sally Jones with Lessmony.

I appreciate you giving me a moment of your valuable time this morning. I promise to be brief.

I specialize in helping trucking companies boost productivity and reduce costs.

If I could show you a way to improve productivity and reduce fuel and mobile phone costs, would you be interested?

(If you get a yes, close for the appointment.)

I need about 10 minutes of your time to show you the benefits of my product or service. At the end of the ten minutes if you believe our product or service is not for you I’ll leave.

Is that fair?

Would tomorrow at 10:15 be good or would Wednesday at 2:45 be better?

(Then thank them and restate the time and the location of their office.)

Great, I will see you Wednesday the 29th, 2:45 at 2006 Clearwater Avenue.

(If you get a no, ask another benefit question or rephrase your first question)

So, improving productivity and reducing fuel and mobile phone costs isn’t important to you?

If you feel you may have a good prospect, keep closing, if not hang up and move on to the next.

Much of your success in sales will be determined by how much you prepare. This cold calling script is only one of many, however, it will give you a template to use to get started. Get a script that works for you, memorize it and use it to convert more of your calls to appointments.

Office Furniture And Your Business

Office furniture is a one of the most important parts of your business. Realizing what pieces to pick and where to put sets the tone for your business and will be the first impression when your customers come to meet you. Picking out the proper conference room furniture is able to make a meeting comfortable and inviting.

A division of Secret Prices, Inc is . They’ve been in the office furniture business for the last 30 years. They started as a father & son, family owned business, then opened the web based division in the year 2000, and became incorporated in 2004.

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The best asset of Office Pope is that when you call a qualified person will reply your call to help guide you to the right options. Each member of their client service staff has at least 5 years of experience and trained to listen to your requirements and then help you select the best pieces for your office.

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The free shipping option does snot include inside delivery, however, delivery service is available through Office Pope so that your office furniture can arrive at a specified time and even unloaded and brought inside for you.

Do not wonder about the details of your furniture. Get complete piece of mind from the moment you order until your shipment arrives by purchasing from Office Pope.