Why Do We Need Car Insurance?

The ultimate target of purchasing a vehicle is to avail its maximum benefits in a long run. Buying a car and ensuring its engine related maintenance is a scant approach for protecting your car. Your car needs a lot more protection in an event of accident or theft than just its engine. According to Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, it is mandatory to buy a Third Party insurance along with the car, which insures the third person’s vehicle damage/ death/ injury caused by you and not to ‘you’. A comprehensive insurance policy is better than standalone third party cover. Comprehensive insurance policy c protects your own car from damage and also provide third party coverage.

So it is crucial to have comprehensive insurance for the car. Paying a modicum over premium will aid you on a rainy day. Once you have decided to buy comprehensive insurance for your motor the next question is where to buy one?

Where to get a car insurance?

There are different means to buy car insurance online.

The ancient way of obtaining car insurance is through agents. Every insurance provider has a set of agents working for them. They have extensive knowledge and a good understanding of the different insurance policies and the procedure to claim them. They will assist you over the best insurance policy best suited for your purpose.

Some insurance providers are in liaison with the car dealers. Usually, the car dealers will provide you with the Third party and comprehensive insurance plans. However, they are of a little help because the dealers have zero or minimum knowledge about the insurance policies provided by the insurance provider.

Brokers employed under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is authorized to sell policies from various insurance providers. Alike agents, brokers also have extensive knowledge about the insurance policies provided by various insurance providers. Here you can compare insurance policies of available insurance providers and chose the one that best suits your purpose. They also assist with the claim settlements.

Avant-grade and less paperwork – an uncomplicated method is to buy car insurance online. This saves time and initial cost. Complete details about the policy and the procedure to claim are provided, ensuring transparency. You can compare the viable car insurance policies online of various insurance providers using insurance aggregator websites like Coverfox.com.

Car Insurance and everything you need to know

It is important to have car insurance in India; one because it is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicle Insurance Act; two because it will protect your vehicle in an event of accident or loss / theft. Besides car insurance also provides personal accident cover to the owner or driver and covers any liability to third parties involved in the accident. There are different car insurance policies available in India covering specific damages. It is important to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of car insurance and the damages they cover. On the whole car insurance policy covers the damages suffered by your vehicle due to natural disaster and mishaps caused by humans.

It is also important to understand what a comprehensive policy does not cover. The policy does not cover ageing wear and tear, breakdown due to mechanical / electrical problems, damages caused under intoxication and damages caused while driving without a valid driving licence.

All-inclusive insurance policy also protects the driver and the passengers (if the number of permissible passengers in the vehicle is legal as specified by the vehicle manufacturer) in case of an accident. Most policies come up with add-on protection for the peripheral components of the vehicle, mainly the engine. The comprehensive policy does not cover engine damages. Installing an anti-theft device in your car not only protects the vehicle but also helps to cut down on the premium amount. Also a membership with the AAI also brings down your premium amount.

Choosing the right car insurance is very important. The first step is to get complete information about the claim settlement procedure and calculate the claim settlement ratio i.e, to verify the number of claims received by the insurance provider to the number of claims fully settled by them. It is important to understand the terminologies such as Insured declared value (IDV), zero depreciation and no claim bonus.

While buying an insurance policy, we would want to have the best all-inclusive, adds-on policy at a nominal price. To achieve this you can compare and get quotes for your vehicle from various insurance providers. It is important to reach out to a customer friendly insurance provider. In the age of social networking, it is easy to perform a thorough check of the insurance providers by reading reviews and getting feedback from fellow customers.

According to the Vehicle Motor Act, 1988 having car insurance is a legal requirement. Having car insurance will help you to get your car fixed after a mishap, even though the policyholder is responsible for it.


7 Reasons To Buy Electronics From China

China has become the world’s largest maker of consumer electronics, producing more MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Video Players, Electronic Gadgets, and other high tech products than any other country.

Have you ever wondered how you could buy direct from the source in China and make your own profits from this economic miracle?

1. Hottest Unseen Consumer Electronics And Gadgets
If you work together direct with suppliers in China you will be ahead of your competition. You will be able to buy many cutting-edge consumer electronics, long before they arrive in the retail stores back home. And you’ll have the chance to check out the newest products before they are even released.

2. Don’t Worry, They Speak English
Many trading companies and wholesalers in China are already experienced in dealing day to day with their foreign customers in English. And if you are lucky, you will be able to find partner companies in China which are wholly run by Europeans or Americans. Many of them will provide just the same quality of service and support as you would expect from anyone back home.

3. Isn’t China On The Other Side Of The World?
You can already see “Made In China” labels everywhere you go. Thanks to international logistics companies like UPS and DHL practically any country in the world can receive consumer electronics straight from China. Wherever your customers are in the world, your next buying opportunity will be in China, especially with the increasing number of Chinese wholesale drop-shippers opening their services internationally.

4. Wholesalers, MOQ, Yadda Yadda
In most manufacturing sectors in China, suppliers require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products before the production process even starts. However, recently it’s become much easier to order smaller quantities of electronics: wholesalers such as are the leaders in this field. You want one sample, you got it. You need 20 pieces for your online business? No problem! Online wholesalers are opening the electronics market for small to medium business like never before.

5. Can They Drop-Ship in China?
The traditional trade triangle of wholesaler – retailer – customer has been revolutionized through the Internet. Now at last you can ship direct from China to your customers worldwide without touching the products. (Just in case profiting with Chinese Wholesalers wasn’t a big enough opportunity already.)

6. How Do I Pay Them If They’re In China?
With online wholesalers you can usually choose to pay in many international currencies, and even submit payment ?the eBay way? – through Paypal secure online ordering. Paypal offers total protection for buyers, and dealing with their approved online electronics wholesalers will give you extra peace of mind.

7. The Bottom Line
China has been described as the world’s factory. The unbelievably cheap production costs for consumer electronics in China are well known to everybody.

Online wholesalers simply let you put those products straight in your cart, without all the hassle – and middlemen – normally associated with the import trade. With no sales taxes added or hidden charges, the price you pay? well, it will speak for itself.

A strong relationship with an electronics wholesaler in China will let you reap rewards for years to come.

Birthday Cakes ? As Beautiful As The Celebrations

We cannot imagine a birthday celebration without a cake. No matter how small or big the celebration, there has to be a cake to mark the completion of another glorious year on earth. A cake is also cut to welcome many fruitful years ahead.

Today, people are preferring birthday cakes with a theme over simple, ordinary ones. Theme cakes are specially designed cakes that are made to portray something related to the theme of the birthday party. Even if you do not have any particular theme for the birthday party, you can still go for birthday cakes with themes and set the right mood.

A birthday cake with a theme also makes the birthday girl/ boy feel special. You can opt for a cake designed in a particular shape that looks like some object or something that the person likes or loves. For instance, if the birthday girl is a music aficionado, you can get a guitar shaped birthday cake. Or if he follows a certain sports passionately, you can gift him the whole field along with the right equipments designed in the cake.

With the help of the Internet and web based suppliers, now you can also get cakes of your choice ordered online. There are some really good sites and online cake vendors who can prepare for you designer cakes. You can place customised orders with some of them and they deliver something that you are looking for.

It is very simple to place the order and pay for the cakes. You can choose from the varied options that they provide in designer cakes. Or you can simply tell them if you have any special demand, and they would prepare the birthday cake according to your requirements. The online option is particularly helpful as it provides the customer the facility of choice as well as the much-appreciated expediency.

See How Telemarketing Can Get You More Deals And Sales

American companies, especially the b2b ones, make every effort possible to bring their business to greater lengths. They do the TV, print, and radio advertising to get their message across and to make more deals and sales. However, in spite of these close-to-good steps, they still fail because they only get few results that are no way efficient to keep their business running. Although these techniques are good in advertising, they end up futile when it comes to getting closed sales. It’s for this reason why companies in US have found themselves using another tool in getting more business leads. Among the many options, telemarketinghas stood the test of time in helping them in terms of marketing.

There are two known telemarketing services that American firms have indulged in to increase the productivity of their business. These are inbound and outbound telemarketing services. Both are done by professional telemarketers but the two have varying capabilities to boast. Inbound telemarketing is when telephone representatives accept calls from customers, may it be a complaint, inquiry, product purchase or customer support. Outbound telemarketing on the other hand is when professional telemarketers make calls to different people to sell products/services, do phone surveys and such. These services are often served by call centers specializing in telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting.

These telemarketing services have become the current trend in the b2b circle. They become the most efficient, cost-effective and profitable ways to market products and services. If you are a mom-and-pop store, or one of the Fortune 500 companies that want to garner more b2b deals, then you really need to avail of these b2b telemarketing services from call centers. With enough number of business leads coming in, you can make more deals and sales through them. However the leads should be pre-qualified. Meaning they should have the higher chances of becoming successful sales. Also they should have met the most basic requirements and your specifications to ensure success. No doubt, lead generation really becomes a big help in telemarketing. Without it, success would not be possible. Well if you want to purchase leads rather than generating them on your own, then that can also be good. However, it requires you more money and sometimes the quality of leads is not guaranteed. But if you must buy leads, just make it sure that you do a careful research. You can seek advice from your fellow businessmen or government agencies to ensure that you will be getting a trusted company to buy the leads from.

However, when you use outbound telemarketing service to gather leads, you can expect to reach more decision makers in less time. You will get rid of hard selling, because you can also do the appointment setting which is more effective and can engage customers into long-term business relationships. You can meet prospects and explain to them what you do best. Having a good relationship with them is only the start of more satisfying business climate. Now, if you are looking for better way to market your business, opt to telemarketing. It’s effective and can become more effective when coming from a first-rate telemarketing company. So work with the best.

The Power Of A Marketing And Sales System

Where Do Most of Your Clients Come From?

When I meet people for the first time and they understand that I’m a marketing consultant, I’m frequently asked, “Where do most of your clients come from?” Many times I believe the question is asked innocently enough. But, quite often I feel like the person asking wants to know if I have a magic answer that might work for them.

Most small business owners are passionate about the services they provide – not the marketing it takes to consistently find more clients. Many service businesses will admit that they’re not really sure what works best or how to get going with marketing.

The result is usually a scatter gun approach. I refer to it as episodic marketing. It is characterized by a series of unfocused and hastily-planned, one-shot episodes (or campaigns). A common example is throwing together a tri-fold brochure that you can start mailing or handing out to everyone you meet, or sending out a direct mail piece to try and stir up some interest.

Typically, the motivation for these marketing episodes is a slow down in business. And then when business picks up, you quickly scrap the current campaign (until the next slow down).

No System, No Consistency

What’s missing for most small service businesses is a system to break marketing down into a series of connected small steps. A marketing system is the key to generate a consistent supply of leads and convert them into new clients.

So Where Do Most of Your Clients Come From?

For me, the answer is that they are coming as a result of my ABCD Growth Marketing System. The same system I’m using to help teach my clients how to get better, more consistent results from their marketing is the system I’m using to build my own business.

Having a system allows me to dependably follow simple, but proven and effective processes to consistently generate leads and convert them into more business.

It is not a result of one or two great ideas or strategies. It’s breaking marketing and sales down into a series of connected strategies and tactics to gain attention from prospects and help them to become clients. The system helps move prospects forward that are ready to say “Yes”, and lets those who are not motivated or ready to make the investment move on.

Why Do You Need A System?

If you don’t have a marketing and sales system, you’ll never be able to grow your business to its full potential.

Most businesses address their primary business functions with systems. You have your billing system, accounting system, payroll system, and time management system. It’s likely you have systems to manage client or project work. One primary business function that seems to go without a system is Marketing.

There’s a great misconception that to be an effective marketer, you need to be creative. And most small business owners will tell me that they’re just not good at that. But I would contend that marketing should be more of a science (a system) than an art.

That’s the number one reason to have a system. Without a marketing and sales system, most service businesses end up reactively marketing when business is slow and stop when they are busy. This mindset usually lends itself to episodic marketing.

With a system, you’ll be better prepared to generate inquiries and convert new clients all year round.

Marketing and Sales

Notice that I’ve said you need a Marketing and Sales system. Marketing and sales are NOT the same thing, but you need a system that addresses both seamlessly.

Let’s just look at the important difference between marketing and sales and why they should be successfully combined in a system like my ABCD Growth Marketing System.

One of the notions I hear over and over again is that Marketing is about creating name recognition or brand awareness. I would argue that these are simply welcome side-effects of marketing.

When you are a small business and all of your time, energy, and money count, then what you really need is for marketing to produce a consistent stream of good quality leads. Therefore, I define marketing as the use of strategies and tactics to generate a constant supply of high-quality leads.

Sales then is the process(es) you use to convert as many as possible of those high-quality leads into clients.

This is why the two should be seamlessly addressed in your system. Too many businesses jump forward to selling before a potential lead is even established as a qualified prospect.

Conversely, many leads go uncultivated when there’s no means to explore the prospect and move them towards becoming a potential buyer.

A System is The Key To Reaching Your Full Business Potential

Now just imagine if you had a system to drive these vital functions in your business. A system that breaks down the marketing and sales process into smaller, more manageable, interrelated steps.

Think about your own business. Where do most of your clients come from? Is it from your marketing and sales system? It should be.

A Low Cost Merchant Account

If you are new to the business world, you may believe that a low cost merchant account is beyond reach. You might reason that every dollar of profit you make should be funneled right back into the business? products or services rather than into an account that facilitates electronic payment processing. But a merchant account may be the very asset your business needs in order to achieve the growth you want to see. By providing your customers with alternative payment options to cash and check, you are inviting them to spend more and pay according to their preferred method, since research shows more consumers are choosing to pay by credit card than any other means.

A low cost merchant account can help your business grow by enhancing your marketing plan. When the word gets out that your company offers electronic payment services like credit card swiping, telephone dial-up, and Internet Website payment options, customers will be impressed and may be more likely to check out your various options to see for themselves how easy you have made it for them to shop with your company. Naturally, you don?t have to offer all these options at once. But you can start by getting approved for merchant account services and then setting up one type of credit payment option to see how customers respond. If all goes according to plan and growth follows the expected trend, you may decide to add another option to further expedite payment procedures.

Your low cost merchant account can put a terminal-printer on your checkout counter to help your cashier process credit payments in addition to making change for cash payments and getting the manager?s check approval. When customers know that you accept credit cards, they may be more likely to spend more than they would have otherwise. They might even buy gift cards or novelty items in the checkout line. If you deliver goods or services with an appliance installation service, for example, you can buy or lease a wireless credit card processor that can go wherever you do for point-of-sale processing. You don?t have to worry about statements that won?t get paid or billing customers each month for the next year. A credit card sale can finalize the account to the satisfaction of both your client and you.

When you are ready to grow your business to the next level, with a low cost merchant account, you can apply for digital credit card processing by installing a telephone credit payment service. This will allow customers to call in at any time and key in their credit card account number for payments without the aid of a customer service representative. Then you can add a company Website with a credit-processing feature where customers can order services or supplies and pay on the spot with a credit card.
Don?t wait too long before making the move to electronic credit card processing equipment. Your customers expect it, and your company needs it to stay solvent and experience serious growth. Start thinking about applying for a low cost merchant account.